Creating the perfect weekend is never really something that works. Sleeping in, hanging out with friends, catching up on errands all crowd their way onto a magic list that we can each spew out should anyone ask us what we plan to do on the weekend. But know what? There’s something even better.

Nothing. Celebrating the the simplicity and joyful expression of no plans. 

See, the only thing planned for me this weekend was a birthday party. It got cancelled. Though I wanted to go (and will go to the rescheduled party), the news of it having been cancelled and the sudden realization of no commitments felt like finding a $20 bill in your pocket: golden. The turn around was too quick to make new plans and the night unfolded into a beautiful night of movie marathon and dog cuddles.

Not exactly the most exciting, but a win in my books. These days have been filled to the brim with ‘to do’s’ and projects and training plans and and and. I have a book someone gave me for my birthday LAST APRIL that I haven’t finished yet (and not for lack of interest). 

To find myself staring at an evening of nothing was pretty sweet. It made me think…how many of us are overburdened with plans and commitments that given the chance would run?

It seems far too simple to say that we should only do what we want, but the simple reality is we all take on things to please others and sometimes that includes ‘doing’ when we really just need time to ourselves. Then, when those magic moments of broken plans come along…we hoot and holler and gleefully tuck into a Gilmore Girls rerun marathon. Why didn’t we just watch the damn show in the first place?

What would you do if you could do exactly what you wanted? No, really. Right now. You get up from whatever it is you are doing, perhaps something you’re just not that into, and just go do that other thing on the fringe of your brain that screams ‘happy’s over here!’. 

That’s my focus this week, do more of what makes me happy. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally finish that book.

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