Creatures of Habit

The truth of the matter is often much more simple than we realize. Habitually, we go through the same routines everyday. Wake. Coffee. Breakfast. Drive. Work. And it continues.

The rub is trying to create a new habit. I’ve seen and read articles referring to a 21 day period being the most realistic timeframe I which to successfully acquire a new habit. But, what if you want to get rid of one?

I’m not talking smoking (I think that has its own unique challenge), but I am talking about a habit that is bringing something into your life that isn’t positive. The habit of procrastinating, the habit of being alone, the habit of not being able to see our way out a situation. Those habits that we carry and weigh is down from doing what our inner self wants most.

Sometimes a change of venue is what it takes. Sometimes it is a person with a different viewpoint. Sometimes something larger than you comes along and takes you to a place that you know you just can’t go and change is forced. I’d like to think I could be ahead of that particular curve. 

So, for the next while, my habit will be to write. Write things down in a cohesive way. Not always on the topics of health and fitness, or eating disorders, or anything specific. There is no reason, really, for me to write other than the pure enjoyment I get from it and occasional insight into who I am. It is a terribly selfish platform in its topic choice and timing. I wonder if dedicated writing would change that.

I’m losing the bad habit of not writing. I’m going on a writer’s 21 day habit-acquiring journey. See you tomorrow.

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