Sometimes looking backwards is looking forwards.

It’s weird how that can happen. I realize this as I spent much of this morning pouring over old sketch books and looking at art class notes from over 10 years ago. Each of these books have sat, ignored, for enough time that looking at them provoked quite a bit of nostalgia on my part. This term, I enrolled in an illustration class for no better reason than I want to devote time to the arts. Every so often, I crave the ability to learn something new and usually, that new thing is of an artsy crafty type. I took art classes to fulfil part of my degree electives side-stepping other, suggested courses, have attended drawing classes and this fall I wanted to take a natural dye class at the Anna Templeton Centre. It seems that artistic pursuits pop up again and again in my life even though I haven’t really set myself about being more ‘artistically organized’ (have I broken some art covenant by typing that?).

I think the grander goal is to work towards a textiles / fabric based program. I’m an educator who just can’t settle on being finished school or seeing what I have done as the end. Where does the illustration class fit in? Well, right now the textile classes don’t fit my schedule. But, the illustration class is on campus AND is not just for interest but maybe a method of me being able to translate the crazy ideas in my head into actual patterns that I can print on fabric! OR I could design my own knitting patterns! OR I could learn to make images and print them on shirts and canvas bags and tea towels and ALL THE FABRIC! You can see how this gets out of control. Luckily, I have no particular timeline and can dabble here and there in the courses. The goal is to finish Illustration I this term and II (clearly) next term.

So, while the main focus of this blog is running (I have to head out after this post and complete a hill training session!), know that every once and awhile, there is something artsy going to pop up. Who knows? Maybe I will share a picture of my homework 😉

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