Running Full Circle: A side note

Well. Plenty can change when you open the floodgates. I mentioned earlier that it was likely that I would be returning to familiar grounds with coaching…and, now I am starting up again on Sunday with a 10K group. You would think the concept of getting up at 7am on a Sunday morning to head out into the dubious weather of St. John’s with a group of strangers would be crazy. Yeah, not here! I feel rather rejuvenated and my runner’s heart is beating just a little bit harder (wheeeeee!). I’m excited about getting back into the groove of regular training. And, coaching. And, sprints. And, hill training. Oh my! How I miss helping people push themselves to explore what they can achieve.

Yeah, I’m a dork.

Well this dork has come full circle. Maybe it is long overdue to shake off the scaredy-pants mentality and really embrace that feeling that my body is capable of more. Maybe my 1/2 marathons and dandy race days are not over. Maybe this little body of mine has a few more kilometres in her yet. Let’s find out.

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