On Birthdays

A friend of mine congratulated me last year for my successful circumnavigation of the sun. My birthday. Chuckling at his wit, I sat and pondered his statement. At first, I read the words, and then, I began to feel them. I let the idea of spinning masses flying through space around a fixed point really, truly sink into my brain. It was life-changing. In that moment, I felt just how small I really was.

Not a single thing I do really changes this yearly passing. The sun remains fixed and good old Mother Earth keeps spinning us around. The days ebb and flow and pass without recognition of the daily minutiae I experience. And that was it. Experience. We have a multitude of experiences that pass by our lives and we choose how we interact with them. The people, the events, the jobs, the stressors and the joys…all experiences that we choose to face or to walk away from. Some of these experiences leave us gasping for air and sanity, while others fill us with purpose and joy. Within the last year, I have gained friends, but lost others. I found joy in running and an appreciation of the strength of my body. I lost a job, but started a new career. I grew closer to my partner, but lost time with him. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, but grew all the stronger.

As I am getting closer to another successful spin around the universe’s dance floor, I see the sparkle of the stars in my life and those black holes that I know I best avoid. This hasn’t be my best year, but it has been far from my worst. And maybe, that has more to do with knowing no matter how I choose to dance, the world keeps on spinning.

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