Authenticity: It’s a Bitch

Authenticity. If there were such a thing as scary words, authenticity would be my pick. The crazy thing about this otherwise innocuous word is the fact that to have any amount of authenticity, you have to bare it all. Holding back and holding on are actions that don’t jive with the almighty authentic self. People don’t just want a piece of you; they want it all. And, what if you’re not in a place to give it? What if you are just figuring that out? Well, know what? They are going to decide for you. That’s right. Put your insecure self out there and the likelihood is that someone with a stronger will will come along and sweep you into their particular delusion of reality.

So, why is it so very hard to find oneself? Why are we all running around figuring out who we are when inside our mask/costume/protection our real self is screaming? IF we are really not ready to confront this, if we are really hiding from the idea of who we are and we don’t want anyone to see or hear or know any part of who that person actually is, …well we just fight back by being insulted by being temperamental about our choices. By doing what we “think” is “The RIGHT Thing”. Who decided there was a right thing or way or path or journey or process to arrive at some known place of development? What happened to meeting someone where they are and saying “Hi. I see you over there doing that thing that makes you unique and interesting. Not sure where you are going with that, but it’s cool. I’m not sure where I’m going with my shit either.”

I could use some more of that. Meet me where I am. Authenticity? It’s for those who say there is a right and a wrong and a way to label what is wonderful and beautiful about each of us. How about we just don’t judge…how about hugs. And acceptance. Call me a hippie. I don’t care. Maybe I’m just being authentic.

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