Overcoming Blog-Block

I have plenty to say.  Just ask anyone who knows me. Yet, now that I am almost a month into launching my very first blog, I have blog-block.

This is a curious feeling because I have been writing in some form or another for years and one would think that the ability to speak passionately and honestly about health and wellness would cause me to throw open the doors on my thoughts and the words would spill out and the blogs would simply write themselves and and and …

I have five posts written and saved to drafts. And, let’s not mention my little book of blog ideas. That thing has my best stuff. Yet, I log in and write another draft only to leave the thing to sit in the queue. The irony isn’t lost on me that this is what happens to us when we make plans to welcome making healthier choices into our lives. It always starts the same way: a new cookbook, a friend’s advice, a doctor’s warning. Each reason motivates us to start planning and strategizing. Each reason becomes the justification for putting time, effort, and resources into making things right. Each reason dims in importance as the daily tasks that kept us from welcoming the change in the first place.

Is it the newness and excitement that we like?

Taking that first (second, third?) step is daunting. The excitement rubs off and we are left with the shambles of a master plan. We say the timing was off, we second guess, we retreat in our old ways and habits, we surrender.

So, here’s to pushing forward. Here’s to letting the master plan be a guide rather than a one and only. Here’s to writing about my passion for wellness and forgetting all the rest.

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