Why Blog?

“Why write a blog?”

I’m sure it was an innocuous question. A quick thought that spilled from a friend’s mouth. But, it was a question I couldn’t answer at the time. ┬áThat question was posed over a year ago; my mind never really stopped musing on how to answer it. And now, I am here. Much has changed. I have lost and gained a career, found my comfort zone on both the yoga mat and the foam roller, and expanded my plant-based diet into the realm of recipe development. I am still interested.

So, why write a blog?

Sometimes, it really is about the journey. This blog is as much about the path that I have taken to become more aware of the importance of making the right decisions for my wellness as it is about my desire to help others explore their paths. I have come far from the obese, disordered eating, anxious, unhappy (need I continue?) person I was to the whole person I am today. Today I am a plant-based Personal Training Specialist, Run Coach, 1/2 Marathoner, and Triathlete who is living her best life.

Join in. Read. Reflect. Engage. Become holistically fit with me.